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KEY WEST, FL 33041



Services Offered


- Waterlink SPin Water Testing:

          For $20.00 you can utilize our Professional Waterlink Spin Lab system at our store front location.

This photometer will do all of your pool and spa water testing for you. Our technician will fill one of the

spin reagent disks (pictured on right) to measure all of the required tests in just

60 seconds. 

-  Vacuuming:

We offer superior routine vacuuming services for all of our clientele. From commercial to residential services, we offer our vacuuming for pools in Key West Florida on weekly, re-occuring schedules. Need it in a hurry? Try our mobile dispatch service by simply giving us a call. We will have a specialist out as soon as possible to take care of all of your pool needs.

- Water Chemistry:

           The balance of your pools water is crucial to enjoying it day in and day out. Having the correct water chemistry at all times, ensures your guests safety. We make sure all of the levels are maintained to help lengthen the lifespan of your pool, as well as the ability to enjoy it year round! Contact us today to see how we can ensure your pool is up to speed!

- system Cleaning:

            Keeping your pool clean and worry free is what we are here for! Quit spending hours and hours maintaining your pools levels and cleaning. With out system cleaning services, we will make sure everything is where it needs to be for you and your guests to enjoy.

- Mobile Dispatch with Pool Trac:

          Pool Trac is our new pool tracking system. It provides streamline communication between our customers and technicians.